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Antipasti t’Annamri



An assortment of different fish items prepared in different ways … marinated, raw, breaded and fried.

Antipasto Misto T’Annamari


Chef’s speciality of the day …  An assortment of 6 different fish items created by Salvo.



Involtino di Pesce


Rolled fillet of fish of the day with breadcrumbs, pine nuts, dry raisins served with pea puree and toasted pistachios


Polpettine di Neonata


White baby fish served with Sicilian caponatina

Parmigiana di Pesce


Layers of egg plant, parmesan and fish served in a rich tomato sauce, olive oil, basil and topped with

crispy cheese

Caprese di Bufala


served with rocket leaves, slices of tomatoes and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

Tortino di Verdure Grigliate


Layers of Grilled Vegetables served with goat’s cheese sauce

Ricotta Fritta


Fried ricotta with Mediterranean caponata

Zuppa del Giorno


Fresh Soup of the day

Salads t’Annamari



Salmon, mixed leaves, green apple, walnuts with balsamic dressing

Pollo e Pancetta


Chicken breast, bacon, Iceberg lettuce, sweetcorn, croutons, boiled egg and olive oil

Pasta t’ Annamari

Spaghetti Vongole


Spaghetti with clams, garlic, olive oil Evo 274, light chilli and parsley

Homemade Tagliatelle Lobster


Tagliatelle with half lobster cooked in white wine and bisque, garlic, light chilli and parsley

Paccheri ai Frutti di Mare


Pasta with seafood, tomato sauce, garlic, light chilli and parsley

Risotto dello Chef


Rice arborio served with red local scrimps, saffron, truffle paste, black pepper and parsley

Gnocchi Monti Iblei


Homemade pasta with onion, fresh tomato, pancetta, mushrooms, fresh basil and soft chilli

Lasagna al Ragu di Coniglio


Homemade pasta layers with rabbit ragu sauce, fresh basil and soft chilli

Pasta dello Chef

€price on request

Speciality of the Day

Main Dishes

Pescato del Giorno

€6.50 per 100gms

Fresh Fish of the Day from the display



Trancio di Salmone Grigliato


Grilled Salmon served with green leaves and fresh slice of lemon

Filetto di Spigola alla Palermitana


Baked Seabass breaded in breadcrunbs, cheese, garlic white wine, lemon juice, black pepper, parsley with mashed potatoes and caponata of vegetables

Fritturina di Paranza


A mixture of deep fried consisting of Calamari, Mediterranean Baby Fish, Shrimps served with tartar sauce

Trancio di Pesce del Giorno


Fresh fish of the day served with mussels and clams cooked in a Mediterranean sauce

Filetto di Manzo

€23.00 - 250g
€32.00 - 370g

Grilled fillet of beef served with mashed potatoes and Sicilian caponata in sweet and sour


€21.00 - 250g
€29.00 - 370g

Grilled ribeye served with mashed potatoes and Ragusano D.O.P. cheese fondue

Rotolino di Pollo


Rolled Chicken with bacon served with mashed potatoes and Sicilian caponata in sweet and sour

Costolette d’Agnello ‘Abbuttunatu’


Lamb Ribs baked with rosemary, garlic, roast potatoes and balsamic reduction

Side Dishes

Insalata Mista o Verde


Mixed salad or green salad

Insalata Pomodoro


omatoes, red onions, Capers, black olives

Insalata d’Arancia


Orange, spring onions, fennel, Chili

Verdura in Padella


Seasonal vegetables cooked in garlic and sweet and sour

Patate al Forno


Baked Potatoes

Patate Fritte


French fries